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Oak Lawn Police knowingly arrest Shelton on invalid warrants in act of criminal contempt of court | July 11, 2012

Dr. Linda Shelton is a whistle blower that has been exposing corruption of Cook County Judges and government officials, including IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan on line in her blogs for several years.  She has sent evidence of this corruption to federal officials. View this evidence on her blogs here, here, and here.

Oak Lawn Police officers came to the home of Dr. Linda Shelton on April 3, 2012 and arrested her on warrants issued by corrupt Judge Peggy Chiampas, that had been already executed on March 21, 2012 and withdrawn, illegally by Judge Chiampas in the courtroom, when she ordered Shelton into custody for  getting sick on a very hot day and going out into the hallway to try to avoid fainting in the courtroom. Read about corrupt, incompetent, malicious, manic Judge Chiampas here.

Officer Kirk Star # 321 was handed  court orders by Shelton stating that the warrants had already been served and were no longer valid and Ofc. Kirk, after taking them to his car and talking to the station on ther radio stated: “I don’t care”, then arrested Shelton.  This is a direct act of criminal contempt of court because he refused to follow court orders.  This is an outrageous act for an officer. I don’t know if he is just stupid or if the Oak Lawn Police have such poor training and supervision of their officers that they cannot recognize a court order and understand it.

It is also possible that since the misdemeanor arrests were by Assistant Chief Sheriff Nolan in an act of corruption and retaliation for Shelton exposing corruption in the Sheriff’s office  and Trustee Duhig in Oak Lawn is a colleague of his, as he is a Deputy Sheriff in the Courtroom Services Division of the Cook County Sheriff’s office, that Nolan may have called Duhig and illegally ordered this arrest.  As most people know, police don’t  generally go pick up people on misdemeanor warrants.  They save their SWAT teams for apprehending those with felony warrants. This appears to have been political.

For the whole story see the United States Supreme Court Petition for Writ of Mandamus written by Shelton and pending before the court here and the Supplement to this Pettion for Writ of Mandamus Shelton recently filed here.

All the misdemeanor cases that the warrants related to must be dismissed for the reasons stated in the above Petition and every day they are not dismissed is another day that Judge Peggy Chiampas has committed a criminal act of judicial misconduct.

The following is a petition being filed against Ofc. Kirk and his criminal accomplices in the Circuit Court so that they can be summoned to court and tried on the offense of criminal contempt of court:



            NOW COMES, Linda Shelton pro se, who petitions for adjudication of criminal contempt against Oak Lawn Police Officer Kirk, star #321, his un-named partner, and the 7-3 pm un-named lock-up officer on April 3, 2012, and in support of this motion Defendant states as follows:

County of Cook        )

)  Ss

State of Illinois        )


  1. On March 21, 2012, Judge Chiampos issued orders that seven (7) inappropriately and illegally issued misdemeanor arrest warrants had been executed and were therefore recalled and no longer valid. (group Exhibit A)
  2. On April 2, 2012 Oak Lawn Police officers were dispatched to the residence of Defendant by unknown persons to execute these arrest warrants. Of Note: Judicial notice is given that it is common knowledge that police departments in Cook County do not routinely send out officers to homes to arrest people on misdemeanor warrants. They generally only serve felony warrants. Misdemeanor warrants are generally only executed when the police encounter a person during routine procedures where they check identity like traffic stops.   Officers have told Defendant that they only serve misdemeanor warrants when they are pushed to do so by superiors or “special interests” with clout. Of NOTE: OLP did not serve a valid, though fraudulent felony fugitive warrant against Defendant between August 2008 and February 2009 (it was withdrawn in February 2009 and represented fraudulent accusations and records from a corrupt parole officer following Defendant after release from prison in 2008 on a wrongful conviction for felony battery of an officer [alleged “bumping” him with her wheelchair] – for details proving wrongful conviction see the document here.
  1. When Officer Kirk appeared at Defendant’s door and stated he was executing arrest warrants, she showed him these court orders recalling the warrants (group Exhibit A).
  2. Officer Ricks went to his car to check out these papers and then came back to Defendant, said that he didn’t care about these court orders and arrested Defendant, even refusing to bring these court orders to the police station.
  3. Officer Kirk’s partner and the lock-up officer in Oak Lawn on April 2, 2012, 7-3 pm shift, also stated that they didn’t care that Defendant said that she gave Officer Ricks these court orders.
  4. The lock-up officer particularly refused to call his supervisor or send another officer to the house to retrieve the court orders.
  5. Later in the day after Defendant was turned over to the custody of Chicago Police, she was released, when they determined the arrest warrants were invalid.
  6. Therefore, Officer Rick and his partner as well as the lock-up officer directly violated and knowingly and willingly violated this court’s orders in an act of contempt of this court

WHEREFORE, Defendant pro se petitions this Court for adjudication of criminal contempt against these officers for knowing and willing direct violation of this court’s orders.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda L. Shelton, Pro Se

Linda Lorincz Shelton, Ph.D., M.D.


Oak Lawn, IL 60453


Pro Se Defendant

SWORN to and SUBSCRIBED before me this ___th day of May, 2012


Notary Public



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